Amedeo Modigliani

1884 – 1920

Italian painter and sculptor of Jewish origin. After his studies in Florence and in Venice he settled in 1906 in Paris. He rented a studio on Monmartre and met Pablo Picasso and Kees van Dongen. Decisive moment for him was the meeting with the sculptor Brancusi whose statues reminiscent of African sculptures inspired him, and noticeable is also the influence of Cubism. He also produced works tending towards Fauvism. Typical for Modigliani's paintings are the stylised facial features of his figures - a long nose, long mouths and almond-shaped eyes set close to each other. In 1917 he had his firs solo exhibition in the gallery of Berthe Weill which, however, was closed owing to the scandalous exhibits. Poverty and his wild lifestyle caught up with him in the end - he died when he was only thirty six years old.

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