Auguste Rodin

1840 – 1917

One of the greatest 19th century painters whose works are today considered the start of the era of modern sculpture art. Contrary to his indisputable talent, he was refused twice at the entrance exams to École des Beaux-Arts; and there was no great understanding for his first significant sculpture entitled "Man with a Broken Nose" with which he wanted to introduce himself at the annual official presentation of art, the so-called Salon. Only the commission to make the entrance door to the new Museum of Decorative Arts in 1880 was a turning point for him. He was working on the portal he named the "Gate of Hell" the following forty years and although the work was never completed, many sculptures were used ndividually (The Thinker, The Kiss etc.). On the World Exhibition in 1900, the entire pavilion was dedicated to Rodin, receiving a great deal of attention. Rodin's art also  greatly influenced the Czech artists when he exhibited his works in Prague in 1902.    

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