Otakar Nejedlý

1883 – 1957

Trained at the Academy, Otakar Nejedlý studied at the private landscape school of Ferdinand Engelmüller in Prague. In 1904 he became a member of the Mánes Association of Fine Artists and left to paint with Antonín Slavíček in Kameničky (his Impressionistic period). In 1909 – 1911 he travels with the painter Hněvkovský to Ceylon - paintings from this period stand out for their intense clours laid on the base in a pointillistic manner. The subsequent creative output of Nejedlý is also influenced by this exotic phase, the experience of the World War takes him back to painting of natural and atmospheric moods in the spirit of Prucha's and Slavíček's tradition. In 1925 he is appointed professor of the landscape school at the Prague Academy. His late creative output is more expressive and is characterised by dark and impressive colours.

Works (1)

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