Our gallery specializes in the sale of exclusive works of art. Being founded at the beginning of the nineties it was one  of Prague´s first private galleries  focusing mainly on European classical painting from the 17th to the 20th century.

During the past several years Petr Brandl Gallery realised a number of exceptional aquisitons having now on display masterpieces by leading Czech and European painters and sculptors. Petr Brandl Gallery has also sold works of art to prominent public collections.

Since 2011 Petr Brandl Gallery resides at the very heart of Prague and occupies new
exhibitional areas of Franciscan cloister in Jugmann Square. The two-floor space of 300 square meters houses a collection of valuable Czech, Austrian, German, French, Italian and other European works of art.

"Petr Brandl Gallery attracts art connoisseurs and visitors
from all around the world who are pleased to find high-quality
art at reasonable prices. We look forward to your visit."

Simona Marková
Gallery Manager

Exhibition space

art pieces
300 m2
exhibition space

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